About Regulation

Regulation No. 8 (2017) Technical requirement of Imported Used Vehicles
The regulation scope include all imported used vehicles which will register in UAE
The regulation scope exclude the Re-export car

What the date of the implementation?

What the date of the implementation? Regulation implementation date 01 May, 2017

What are the objectives of the decision?

  • To protect consumer from unsafe vehicles (non-compliant vehicles)
  • Contribute in reducing traffic accidents resulting from non-compliant vehicles
  • Contribute to reducing the financial losses caused by the use of non-compliant vehicles
  • Contribute to minimize the environmental impact of using non-compliant vehicles
  • Supporting the national economy, because import of non-compliant vehicles cause financial losses

What are the titles banned for registration in the UAE?

1. Water/flood damage

Vehicle has been damaged by freshwater flood (or it is unknown whether the damage was caused by fresh water or salt water)

2. Fire damage

Vehicle has been damaged by fire

3. Junk title

The vehicle’s parts have been salvaged for reuse and the remainder of the vehicle has been destroyed or scrapped. This vehicle has been declared a total loss, it is not roadworthy and should not be registered again for use on the road

4. Crushed

The frame or chassis of the vehicle has been crushed or otherwise destroyed to that it is physically impossible to use it in constructing a vehicle. This status effectively prevents the VIN from the destroyed vehicle from ever being reused

5. Prior non-repairable / repaired

A vehicle constructed by repairing a vehicle that has been destroyed or declared to be non-repairable or otherwise declared to not be eligible for registering because of the extent of the damage to the vehicle but has been issued a title pursuant to state law after falling within this criterion with this identifying mark on the face of its certificate of title

6. Vehicle safety defect uncorrected

A non-safety defect reported to the jurisdiction by the vehicle manufacturer remains uncorrected

7. Dismantled

This vehicle can only be sold as parts and cannot be legally driven

What are the importer obligations?

  • To assure that the vehicle free of severe damage if import to register in UAE
  • Registration the vehicle even if imported for the purpose of re-export
  • Registration the vehicle even if imported for the purpose of use as spare parts
  • All vehicles to get certificate/ conformity letter from ESMA if import to register in UAE
  • Pay fees